The highest quality customized plant walls.

Green walls are not indispensable from 2017 and on. Nowadays, these green eye-catchers are very popular and give a fantastic atmosphere! The great acoustic damping is also one of the advantages, without losing any square meters of your floorspace. 

We provide plant walls in different styles. Such as the Green Mix, a wild Urban Jungle style or a combination of both. At The Silk Company you are assured of a unique custom-made plant wall, craftsmanship and years of preservation. The plant walls are indistinguishable from the real thing!

Our method of work is freestyle. This means that we work plant by plant on site to create a plant wall. This way we can anticipate and improvise for maximum result. By doing this, every ambassador gets a unique plant wall of which there is no second.

Green walls are not indispensable from 2017 and on. These green eye-catchers are “hot” and give a fantastic atmosphere! The great acoustic damping is also one of the advantages. The Silk Company makes these walls with high quality silk plants. Not to be distinguished from living plant walls. Green walls, vertical gardens, also known as living walls are green eye-catchers that fit in every interior. Compared to living walls our artificial walls have many advantages. The silk plants are indistinguishable from real plants and applicable in every room. Beyond the great advantage of acoustic damping, the lower investment compared to living green walls is significant. Walls with living plants are tied to climate, daylight and need an expensive irrigation system. They lose leaves, and you will need an expensive maintenance contract. With the green walls from The Silk Company you will not suffer from this. Carefree enjoyment without recurrent high costs. A sustainable, long term investment!

Our collection of artificial plants is large. We have an extensive choice of artificial plants for your green wall. We can make green walls in different colourways. Our artificial/silk plants have a great number of different green colours. A mixed composition on your wall will provide a playful and natural effect. You could also think about soft red colours for your green wall. The Silk Company assures you to have a wall made to measures, according to your wishes. You can’t choose? The Silk Company will gladly advise you about the composition of your green wall. Do you have any questions, or would you like us to make a free offer for a green wall in your office? Please contact us and we are happy to help. We also deliver moss walls, silk flower-arrangements and artificial plants.

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