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There is no accounting for taste. Never. No two of our projects are the same, and that’s what we love about what we do. With our replica plants, we bring art to life, and our art will liven up any space. This is how we inspire our ambassadors, their brands and ourselves.

Fietsenzaak België

We have embellished the new store of Fietsen De Geus in Schoten, Belgium, with a stunning Urban Jungle style plant wall, and an artificial tree that is indistinguishable from real.

Slot Oostende Goes

Centrally located in the center of Goes is Slot Oostende where we have created an exuberant plant wall at height to replace live plants.

Miele hoofdkantoor Amsterdam

We have created a colorful, jam-packed Urban Jungle style plant wall for Miele at the headquarters in Amsterdam. We have also incorporated a beautiful neon logo into it.

LIEMES Utrecht

The entire food district is now adorned with beautiful artificial greenery. Visitors can now enjoy stunning artificial plants and impressive, lifelike artificial trees throughout the building.

IMG 2175

We have brought a trailer full of beautiful artificial plants and matching pots to The Larmag Group to provide the entire office with greenery.

FIQAS Aalsmeer

We have spruced up the location of FIQAS Software with three different moss walls and a lush Urban Jungle plant wall. The company logo and some televisions are subtly integrated into the walls, resulting in a stunning end result.

Taste of Kijkduin plants

We have created a compact green wall for Taste of Kijkduin and placed an impressive neon logo on it. This creation is a true eye-catcher in the hospitality industry.

Florisoft Rijnsburg

The entrance and waiting area of Florisoft have been completely renovated after our visit. We have hung a wide range of artificial plants in matching pots, XL bamboo trees, and luxury Monstera balls, transforming the space into a true oasis of greenery and elegance.