Sustainable moss walls for the business market

Moss walls are widely used in offices and commercial buildings to add a green atmosphere, without losing square meters on the floor space. It is also a perfect solution for improving acoustics.

The moss is a wonderful natural product and a real eye-catcher in every Interior. Be surprised by the many possibilities which you can apply with moss; such as different moss paintings, customized moss panels and moss walls. There are even possibilities for applying a moss company logo.

The moss is 100% natural and to a large extent it comes from the Southern of Europe, where the moss is grown. The real Moss is mummified, in which the moisture in the moss is replaced by an environmentally friendly and biodegradable preparation liquid. This allows for a longer preservation of the moss. Through UV protection it will discolour be delayed. However, discolouration in der course of time never entirely be stopped. The moss can be applied anywhere in your interior, even in places with no daylight. For optimal preservation of the moss the humidity in the room may not exceed 70% and the temperature is not lower than 10 °c. Moss is maintenance-free.

Your benefits

  • Improvement of acoustics;
  • Natural moss prepared in an environmentally friendly way;
  • Sustainable and responsible;
  • Green atmosphere experience;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Applications possible as panel, painting, logo and wall;
  • Any shape made to measure.


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