Mother of pearl vase

Exclusive pots and vases

The Silk Company has a very exclusive line of pots and vases. Handmade from natural materials like precious metals, pearl, polished oysters, eggshells and more.

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You want something exclusive. Something your guests and customers will talk about. You will realise this with these unique handmade pots and vases. Please contact us for more information.

Slverleaf exclusive vase
Exclusive lava pot vase
XL exclusive pottery
Big exclusive vase

Exclusive pots and vases from The Silk Company

The Silk Company has the most beautifull planters, pots and vases for offices, companies, catering sector and care institutions. Architects and project organisers will succeed in our range. Most of our planters, pots and vases can be ordered in any RAL colour you wish.
In addition we have a very exlusive line handmadepots and vases of the most beautifull and natural materials.
Think about gold leaf, silver leaf, platinum leaf, polished oysters, broken eggshells, shagreen, cracked mussel, pearl, coconut, lava, brushed stainless steel, cemani wood and more. In all kind of different forms, measures, colours and materials. Combined with a beautifull flower arrangement or silk plant, they’ll become real interior objects. A beautifull appearance in your interior.

A short film about the traditional production of our exclusive pots and vases.

Exclusive pot mother of pearl


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