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Plant walls and moss walls are beautiful, but sometimes a smaller size is desired. At The Silk Company you can opt for our specially tailored plant and moss panels. We make any desired design and give advice about the possibilities within your space. Green brings atmosphere to your company and makes a major contribution to a pleasant working environment and customer experience. It is an ideal way to apply green aspects in any space, without losing square footage on your floor space. You can also choose to provide the panels with a beautiful frame. This is how we create a beautiful plant and/or moss painting. These are available in various materials such as wood, steel and aluminium.

The artificial plants in our plant panels are guaranteed of the highest quality. The plant paintings give a beautiful atmosphere and improve the acoustics in a room. Our artificial plants are indistinguishable from the real thing and without maintenance. The Silk Company's collection of artificial plants is very extensive. We have a wide selection of artificial plants for your wall. The plant panels can be made for you in different colours.

The moss that we use for our moss panels is 100% natural and largely comes from Northern- and Eastern Europe, where the moss is grown sustainably. The mosses are impregnated with environmentally friendly agents, this ensures long-term preservation of the moss. This also makes the moss dirt-resistant and fire-retardant. This treatment also makes the moss unattractive to insects. The Silk Company delivers a beautiful and maintenance-free moss panel as a result.

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